Maintenance And Handling Of Lake Problems


If you are in any way associated with the maintenance and well-being of an inland lake or pond, you may no doubt be already aware of the daunting task successful management of this area can be. Neglected or left unattended for too long, and the natural overgrowth and subsequent rapid increase in invasive algae and other species can make clean-up tasks later extraordinarily difficult, and most often much more expensive.

Caretakers of such areas, to get a clear and comprehensive look at what potential problems they may have, solutions and methods available for area clean-up, preventative maintenance, and other such advanced means of lake and pond management should bring in an experienced company that specializes in aquatic management services. Clients of companies that provide these services include parks, hotels, homeowner’s associations, multi-family communities, and other entities.

Qualified aquatic management services companies offer an extraordinary array of services, beyond just water testing and algae control, for their clients. These, of course, are important, fundamental steps that must be taken. But depending on any given situation, many more steps and procedures may be integrated into the management process. Some additional measures that may be evaluated and integrated into the service’s protocol can include:

  • Annual Management Program
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Water Quality Restoration
  • Pond and Lake Weed and Algae Control
  • Water Clarification and Turbidity Control
  • Aquascaping/Mitigation
  • Natural Areas Management
  • Fountains and Aeration Systems

In addition, given companies will also provide expert services in:

  • Fish Stocking
  • Shoreline Restoration
  • Lake Mapping, Bathymetric and Depth Analysis
  • Mosquito Control
  • Aquatic Plant Gallery
  • Greener Solutions
  • Physical Removal/Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Before endeavoring to go “all in” and hiring a company to come in and perform needed lake and pond management services, potential clients should look for superior aquatic management services companies that provide a free aquatic survey. This survey should include a free aquatic inspection, a report, with an associated water management proposal to be provided. This could then be a solid foundation in which to establish a consistent plan of action to keep the area clean and clear of harmful algae and other unwanted species.


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