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Owners, buyers, and tenants all have specific needs when searching for commercial and investments properties. It is an established fact that a good property management division will support an agencies listings and commissions over the long term. If you have never considered commercial real as part of your wealth creation strategy, now is a great time to take advantage of the many opportunities available.

Annual industrial rent is likely to decline 2.5 percent in 2011, before rising 3.0 percent next year. You may have 10 properties in a commercial pool that ultimately works its way into CDOs. If you want more information about commercial real estate in NW Arkansas, simply e-mail me or call.

Under a gross lease , the tenant pays only rent, and the landlord pays for the building’s property taxes, insurance and maintenance. The NNN Commercial Real Estate staff realizes that Commercial Real estate Investments, whether Net Lease Properties or Distressed Properties, go hand in hand with a Life Insurance policy.Commercial Real Estate

Your tenants should feel comfortable in approaching you with their business challenges and needs as they apply to their lease. It may be that the municipal council rates are expected to escalate in the next year at a different rate than everything else. Some of our current build to suit commercial properties under development are: The Cornerstone of Centerville , Valle Greene North , The Exchange at Spring Valley , and Kyles Station.

He attributed that belief in part to National City selling off $5 billion in loans since PNC did its due diligence on the bank last August. Build and maintain a quality approach to standard tasks that the salespeople must do for the clients and the listings that they are involved with.Commercial Real EstateCommercial Real Estate

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