When most people think of fountains, they conjure up images of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, or the Trafalgar Square Fountain in London. Famous examples aside, many parks, hotel entrances, restaurants, and shopping malls feature elaborate water features to impress and delight those who visit. Most small yard ponds also feature a fountain to aerate the water and support the eco-system within it. Small and simple examples are becoming increasingly popular and do not need a body of water to be stunning. Some are designed to be displayed outdoors, but there are also some that fit nicely in a home or commercial building.

Water flows continuously in a self-contained design, so a fountain can operate in any space. A slow trickle down a few stones can be peaceful in the living room or den. A bright, circus-themed fountain is ideal for a nursery or bedroom of a young child. A taller one will look stunning on a staircase landing. An innovative minimalist design can add quiet elegance to a home office. There are some that resemble planters or watering cans that fit perfectly on any patio or in any garden. Small sizes are versatile, require very little maintenance, operate quietly, and are energy-efficient. Some require an electrical outlet, while others are battery-operated. There are some available online that are solar powered as well. The possibilities are virtually endless.

There are a few more advantages to selecting smaller water features. They are portable so they can be moved around at will. The fountain on the landing, for example, can be placed on the porch or deck for the summer to add to the decor. The fountain in the den may look stunning in a newly painted entryway. The cost tends to be lower than large water features. That does depend on the materials of the fountain. A small fountain made of Swarovski crystals may be as expensive as a pond fountain. The majority of them are very cost-effective so they can be enjoyed by people in any income bracket. Discover the vast selection of water features that are available to suit any space size, preference, purpose, and budget.