What You Need To Know About Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services Nowadays More often than not, people seem to think that anything that has the word commercial attached to it performs better than a similar domestic one. A domestic washing machine is thought to have a lower capacity than an industrial designed washing machine. A commercial designed fridge will hold more than a home designed fridge. The notion may hold some truth but not in all sectors including cleaning services. Cleaning services offered around homes are very different from those offered in industrial developments. Commercial cleaners should not be given domestic cleaning jobs. Similarly, it is not advisable to hire domestic cleaners to do cleaning for industrial spaces. Residential and commercial cleaners are equipped to clean different spaces. A clean home is a something to boast about hence must be done to the standard of the home owner. Due to this residential cleaners often take into consideration the finer details. Residential cleaners are also very careful in handling items around the house They need to make sure that the house equipment in a house is left in their right condition after cleaning. Industrial based cleaners don’t take much consideration of the equipment as the equipment in an office are not easy to destroy. Cleaning is very important to industries as it is a way for the company to ensure its tools and equipment are in good form for use.
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Industrial cleaning is often done when the workers are not in their workplace which is usually on weekends or late night hours. Commercial cleaning happens under minimum supervision hence, those doing it must be able to take care of the company’s belongings. Since house cleaning is done during the day, the home owner can be present and watch over their cleaning process. Residential cleaners can build relationships with their clients since they interact with them. Residential cleaners are therefore required to be good at handling people to maintain positive relationships.
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The equipment used by commercial and residential cleaners also vary. Equipment owned by home cleaners are relatively smaller than those owned by commercial cleaners. Commercial cleaners are required to have the necessary chemicals that they can clean with to get rid of any disease carries. They help the company to remain in business. Commercial cleaners are often called in to help after catastrophes have struck. The means of payment for both commercial and residential cleaning services are not the same. Domestic cleaners are often paid immediately after working while commercial cleaners accept payment even after working or even before when they are working on contract.