How To Overcome The Fear Of Change That You Have Confronting You

Change is one thing never quite embraced by many of us. Whenever we are faced with the prospect of change, we often seem to get a bit distressed and are often not as comfortable with the prospect. One may wonder how some of us get past the feelings often associated with the prospects of change. However the good news is that there are some effective ways with which we can deal with this feeling that gets so debilitating.

You will first and foremost need to acknowledge and accept the fear that so resides in you. This acceptance and acknowledging will basically set you on the path to making the necessary plans towards bearing this debilitating situation confronting you. The fear of change is a great obstacle to many people reaching their full potential and you surely don’t want to be in this situation. You are in the time to get the feeling of fear past you.

Think of a journal. Maintain a journal which will be a record of all your fears and their causes. You will in the journal a record of all the emotions you feel when you are faced with fear and the effects of these feelings in your life. The journal should also include in it a list of your hopes for the future and the possible plans you may have to achieve or realize your hopes and dreams. This paper work is a great way of relieving yourself of that pent up emotional baggage that will be holding you down. It is basically another opportunity for you to have a new view of the situation confronting you. When decoding the scenarios, try and have a balanced view of the whole situation facing you. Look at the best and worst moments in a particular situation which is causing you all the negative feelings.

The next step towards dealing with your inherent fears is a focus on excitement rather than fear. Have a view of the situations confronting you from a stand point which will excite you and not the perspective which will cause you fear. The resultant effect will be a transformation of the energies in the whole process from negative to positive and the chain reaction will really change the whole scenario. Always remember that a new start will be enabling a whole range of new possibilities and never allow fear cripple and disable you making you think of these as impossibilities. Rememeber that the embracing of change was to enable you have the benefits of such change in your life. It is giving a second chance to live your full potential.