After a tree is removed there is still the problem of the remaining stump. This may seem like a minor concern but anyone that has experienced the struggle of fully removing a large stump will attest to the challenge it presents. Stumps and roots do not give up their earthen home easily and the process could become a battle that is exhausting and expensive. Even once it is removed there is the worry about filling the large gap in the lawn properly. These are the reasons why professional stump removal is the smartest choice for homeowners.

Is removing a stump necessary?

Stumps are a breeding ground for insects like termites and carpenter ants. They may create sprouts where new trees are not desired. They may even grow back on their own. The stump is a tripping hazard and dangerous for lawn mowers. Removal is never mandatory but it is always recommended.

Why are professionals needed for this service?

Stump removal includes cutting and grinding the stump and disposal of the roots and remaining material. Most homeowners lack the equipment necessary and have no experience with these types of tools. It is expensive to rent the equipment and dangerous to operate this type of machinery without proper training. It is also possible that people will leave some of the stump or roots behind. After the hole is filled these materials could decay and cause the yard to sag or collapse over the hole.

What happens after the removal?

After stump grinding is complete the debris is taken away from the property and any remaining leaves or chipped wood are raked and removed as well. The hole left behind will need to be filled completely to prevent and injuries. Following this, the topsoil is replaced as needed and the yard reseeded or new sod installed over the bare ground.

Professional tree cutting and stump grinding eliminate the risk of injuries or property damage from unfamiliar equipment, falling trees or accidental contact with overhead power lines. It is a fast and simple process that will improve the final appearance of the lawn and make all of the yard more functional.