Impress your Property Buyer before they Walk Through the Door

We always want to do whatever we can to make sure that our home is in optimal condition before selling it, but for anyone that is selling their home it is not just about the image. According to psychologists, we draw our conclusion about someone within the first fifteen seconds of meeting them. This logic is significant when it comes to the viewing of a house.

Even before they can step inside the home, it is very likely that a buyer will have already made up their mind. The big deal here is that we need to do something extra to ensure that we create a perfect first impression, and go on to build on it as the prospective buyer goes through your house.

What you need to do first is getting in the mind of the buyer by thinking as they do. Take an objective view of your home and keep in mind that the buyers will have already made up their mind about viewing your home or not before you can receive the realtor’s call.

Importance of Previewing
This is something that is often overlooked by many until the last minute when they decide to put up their home for sale. Photos that you put on the realtor’s site offer a good idea to the buyers on how your property looks like, and if something catches their eye for the wrong reason then you have lost the battle.

A home inspector is the only way to ensuring photogenic interiors as well as ensuring that your home is attractive and presentable. Once everything is camera ready, take pictures that show the home in flattering angle and make sure every photo is well lit.

Creating Sidewalk Appeal
Get into the mindset of the buyer and ask yourself if anyone would love to live in this house. If you have answered this question is no, then you need to work on it and make sure that it is a yes. It is important that you clear the area around your walkway and ensure that you leave it as natural as possible because you will need to please many buyers. Also take the time to clear out the gutters because this is something that leaps out at the viewer.

There is nothing that you can do to make the area of your property any better, you could do some market research and identify houses that are similar to yours and pin point their good and bad features. By comparing your house with others, you can identify the features that are missing in your home if you are struggling to sell it. The comparison also helps you in identifying anything that looks out of place when compared to other properties in your neighborhood, and you can, therefore, correct it.