Getting the Most out of Selling Your Fixer Upper


When you have a fixer upper, you might feel like it is time to sell your house and move on. The countless hours of repair work might just feel like a job that is too big for you. The good news is that there has almost never been a better time to sell your home. We are in one of the best seller’s markets that we have ever seen. Here are some simple ways that you can get the most out of selling your fixer upper home.

Be Prepared to Sell to an Investor

Understanding the way investors think is going to help you successfully sell your fixer upper. Most likely, you are going to be selling your distressed property to an investor who wants to flip this home and make a profit. Companies like MBBW Property Investments, LLC can educate you in the way that property flipping is executed. Being able to speak the same language as a real estate investor will help you form a better connection and get your home sold.

Make Necessary Repairs to Your Home

When you have serious repairs that need to be taken care of, it is going to greatly cut into the amount that you will be able to sell your home for. If you are able to, take care of the most serious repairs before you list your home on the market. Repairs that you make on your home will almost always pay for themselves and add additional value to your home.

Work with a Realtor Who Understands Fixer Uppers

Working with a realtor who has had experience selling fixer uppers will be a way for you to get the most money out of your home. These Realtors know the right way to list your home online and advertise to the right type of buyers. Most buyers are trying to buy fixer upper houses at 20{4ebaaaf11605e777c095b95ec291d6177479c3aef157f5accbc77e39ee4bfa7d} below your selling price. A realtor will be able to help you get the full value of your asking price. Their expert knowledge of your local market will help you navigate through the offers you will receive.

Raise Your Curb Appeal

There are simple fixes that can help raise your curb appeal and the value of your home. Something as simple as painting your front door can help you add value to your home before you list it on the market. New shingles on your roof or up-to-date plumbing can be a great way to also add value to your home.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

When listing your home, the pictures that you take are going to make a big difference. It is easy to accentuate the problems in your home when you use poor lighting or a low-quality camera. Invest in a professional photographer who will be able to accentuate the most beautiful parts of your home. Hiring a videographer would also be a worthy investment that is sure to pay off once you sell your home.


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