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It is YOU who have to select the house contractor who offers the best VALUE for your money. The Contractor Directory is a list of contractors who have successfully completed the FEMA training for seismic retrofit of single family wood-frame houses. Call and award the job to the contractor you have selected and request a written contract that specifies all of the details that made you select him/her, such as higher quality materials, better guarantee on the work, etc.Contractor

When owners discover that their contractor has not paid subcontractors and suppliers, anxiety immediately sets in. Contractors who are not adept at running their businesses end up with cash flow problems and operate on credit. But any company or organization in need of a contractor is a potential client, and agencies spend inordinate amounts of time in the search for names they can approach with potential candidates.Contractor

Some victims of Shawn’s contractor fraud schemes are wondering if perhaps some of the money he collected for home improvement projects that would never start or advance beyond the demolition stage actually went to pay drug-related debts. Contractors need to be able to quickly assess and adjust to organizational culture because of the short term nature of the contract.

The first step in selecting a contractor is to begin with a clear understanding of the work you want done in your home. Having a branch office in Iowa does not necessarily qualify asĀ an in-state contractor if the contractor’s business is primarily based outside of Iowa.

People often make the mistake of trying to stagger a renovation for budgetary purposes, not realizing that at each phase, the contractor has to re-mobilize, which can wind up costing far more money in the long run. The form of this statement is subject to approval by the Registrar of Contractors and a copy of the approved statement is to be kept on public file with the agency.Contractor

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