The Wedding Sand Ceremony A wedding sand is a union ceremony that is meant to bring two marriage families together. The ceremony is very simple but very significant in joining families. The two families join together by pouring different colored sand in the same vessel. The harmony of the two families is represented by the color mixtures. The wedding sand is more or less similar to the unity candle ceremony. Wedding sand is preferred since the vessel containing the different layers of sand last forever while in the unity candle, the lit candle will blow out after some time. Wedding sand is usually not governed by strict guidelines and in the case of wedding ceremony. The wedding sand ceremony is not always a must, the decision lies in the couples. Majority of couples usually prefer doing the wedding sand during their wedding ceremony when both families are available. The most appropriate time during the wedding ceremony is after exchange of wedding rings and vows. The time is ideal since it will support the vows and the rings exchanged. The two families will also get an opportunity to be united apart from the unification by the couple. All the participants of the wedding sand ceremony are supposed to be having of different color shades. The amount of sand that the participants should have depends on the size of the vessel and the number of participants. The different colored sand are usually available in bridal retailers. The vessel should be of a portable size as you are expected to carry it home. The bridal shops stores different sizes of vessel depending on the number of participants.
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The official always hands the glasses of sand to the participant after saying an opening speech pertaining to the significance of the ceremony. The groom should be the first to pour the sand. The second in the sand pouring protocol is the bride. After that, the other interested family members from the two families’ follow. The last layers is sealed by a mixture of color sand that will be poured by all the participants at the same time. The top layer of a mixture of colors symbolizes the unity of the family members.
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You are allowed to customize the vessel with the two family names. All the participants must have different colors of sand so that there can be distinction. The bride and the groom are also allowed to recite their vows before the ceremony begins. The presiding officer can also be allowed to pour sand in case the wedding is religious to represent the presence of God.