What are the Different Types of Real Estate Investment and How Does Each Type Earn You Money

People are always interest in looking for various ways to make or earn money. Often times, these people turn to real estate as a good place to start most especially commercial real estate investment. The sad part is that behind the glamour of big returns, a lot of people do not really understand the true essence of commercial real estate investment. These people think that it is all about buying and selling houses or commercial building. For those who want to really earn money in this field, they need to understand that there is a lot more to commercial real estate investment than simply buying and selling.

Understanding the different kind of real estate investment is most probably the very first thing any person should comprehend. Basically, everyone should know that homes are not the only things that real estate is about. One cannot really blame another person for that notion because after all homes are the most common type of real estate investment. Realtors have made plenty of money doing this. However there are others more. On the other hand, you can also put your money in buildings that are meant for commercial purposes. Simply put, this is what you can refer to commercial real estate investment. When it comes to real estate, not all people take this type of investment into consideration.

The third type is investing on land instead of the physical structures on land. Here, you can gain big returns but not everybody considers investing in this type of property.

So, how does one make money through real estate. Earlier, it was mentioned that making money from real estate is not simply or purely buying and selling real estate. Nevertheless that is the basic idea. An investor would buy a property, commercial or residential, then sell it when the market conditions are in the selling favor.

The idea is still the same with commercial real estate investment.

Yet, one must note that commercial real estate investment is not always similar to residential or land investment. With commercial real estate, the profits are usually collected from rent or lease instead of the typical buying and selling scenario. On the other hand, making money from land properties is a combination of strategies for residential and commercial properties.

In summary, investing in residential real estate is a good idea and it probably is a good place to start if you want to make money. Bear in mind that other than homes, there are other properties you can put your investment into. Buying a piece of commercial property is also a good idea as you can make money by collecting rent or lease from tenants on a monthly basis. Otherwise, land investment is another option. By now you can choose which type of real estate investment will work best for you.