Stress and Depression as Causes of Cocaine Addiction No matter where you go and however you put it, cocaine and other drug addiction is a prevalent problem of the whole world. The people who are suffering from depression are not only limited to adults, but also to teenagers and younger people. And although illegal drugs are not the right way to cope with addiction, many people still become addicts, which is a very bad thing both for the persons using it and to the people around them. Some countries have actually a huge population of drug addicts, and these countries are taking a toll on this seemingly uncontrollable problem. Worse, many drug addicts become criminals too as they try to commit all sort of crime especially when they are high or when they don’t have the money to buy drugs. In fact, teenagers who are drug users often get into riots and meaningless fights where they end up killing each other. There are many causes for drug abuse and some may not be true to everybody but studies show that the major cause of drug addiction is depression that stems from other several problems such as family problems, financial problems, bullying, breakups, failing grades and some other physical pain that these people cannot deal with. Drug users eventually end up destroying themselves when they continue to use drugs as a means of escape from all the problems they think they cannot go through because they don’t have someone to share these problems and troubles with- in other words, they just feel alone and helpless. With adults, depression often becomes the cause of drug addiction and suicide. Some people, especially males are subjected to this most especially if they cannot provide for their families or if they have lost a very important and loved member of his family. As a matter of fact, many men in a country in Asia commit suicide because if they are penniless because the money they will get from their insurance will then be used by their families. There are still some factors though that can become the cause of both suicide and drug addiction. On the other hand, those who cannot bring themselves to commit suicide turn to drugs as a means of escape.
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The government has thought of a way to stop cocaine addiction and that is through rehabilitation. Drug addicts who want to change but can’t seem to stop their bad habits are taken into rehabilitation centers and are treated there to finally become productive citizens of their country.A Beginners Guide To Options